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Services We Provide

General Dentistry

Services - General Dentistry

Dr. Jurasek provides multiple treatment options tailored to each patients needs. If you are interested in receiving a quote for a procedure, please call our office at (250) 833-1005.

General Services:

Restorative Fillings: Dr. Jurasek can restore cracked, chipped, or decaying teeth with silver or white fillings. Dr. Jurasek will discuss with you if a filling is the best option for restoring your tooth.

Crowns: Dr. Jurasek prepares and places dental crowns in situations where they are needed. Often, large fillings or root canalled teeth require dental crowns. Dr. Jurasek will discuss with you when a crown is the best option for restoring your tooth.

Bridges: Dr. Jurasek places bridges in unique circumstances where a 'floating' tooth can be added between two existing teeth. A bridge can be a good option for restoring your teeth and can help replace a lost tooth. Dr. Jurasek will discuss with you if a bridge could help your oral health.

Extractions: Dr. Jurasek performs extractions of teeth with the use of dental freezing. An emergency exam or new patient exam is needed before you can schedule an extraction so that Dr. Jurasek can take X-Rays and discuss options prior to the treatment.

Preventative Sealants: Dr. Jurasek provides the option to place small preventative sealants on the biting surface of back teeth. Sealants can help prolong the life of your teeth and prevent cavities.

New Patient Exams: Dr. Jurasek and his team are always looking forward to meeting new patients and helping them with their dental problems. Click here to learn more about a new patient exam.

Dental Exams: Dr. Jurasek can examine any dental problems you may be having at your request. From questions about tooth whitening to concerns about cavities, Dr. Jurasek is happy to discuss treatment options and diagnose any current dental issues that you are experiencing.

Root Canal Treatments: Dr. Jurasek can help restore a tooth that has damaged nerves with a root canal treatment. This procedure is sometimes needed where deep fillings or decay are present. Dr. Jurasek will discuss if this treatment is right for you during your visit.

Cleanings & Hygiene

Services - Cleaning & Hygiene

Our team of dental hygienists will help you maintain your oral health. See below for more details about the treatments they provide.

Oral Exam: Hygiene appointments start with an examination of your oral and facial health. Our hygienists will exam your face, mouth and neck to check for any dental related issues. Dr. Jurasek will also perform an examination during your hygiene appointments to check for cavities, or other dental related problems.

Scaling: During your hygiene appointment, scaling is often done to remove build-up of plaque, calculus and bacteria residual. Our hygienists use Cavitron ultrasonic scaling machines and hand held instruments to clean each surface of your teeth.

X-Rays: X-Rays are taken during Recall hygiene appointments to help Dr. Jurasek properly examine your teeth during your visit. 

Polish and Fluoride: At the end of your hygiene appointment, our hygienists will apply polish and fluoride to your teeth to help strengthen and maintain their health. 

Specialist Referrals

Services - Specialist Referrals

For dental procedures that require specialist work, we can refer you to specialists in the area that are experts in their fields. Read below to find out about the specialists we refer to.

Oral Surgery & Sedation Dentistry: Our team works with oral surgeons that are experts in oral surgery procedures. With more nervous patients, we can refer you out to receive sedation dentistry.

Orthodontics: We can help refer you to excellent orthodontists in the area that can help you straighten your teeth or fix other ortho related issues. 

Dental Implants: If you are missing a tooth or are about to have one extracted by Dr. Jurasek or an oral surgeon, our team can help you replace your lost tooth with a dental implant. We can refer you to an oral surgeon who will place the implant for you. After that, our team will help prepare a crown for the implant.

Child Dentistry: Children can often have trouble with more difficult dental procedures. We can refer your child to specialists in the area that can perform sedation dentistry to make the procedure more pleasant.

Periodontics: If your gum lines are receding or you are experiencing periodontic issues, we can help refer you to a periodontist.

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